RAB’s $17m green factory paves way for Wawasan 2035 goals

February 12, 2018 Hafizuddin Damit

A model of the solar panel factory that is scheduled to begin operations in June 2018. Photo courtesy of RAB Global Green Sdn Bhd

Local company, RAB Global Green Sdn Bhd (RAB), is aiming to achieve a platinum award certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the United States Green Building Council, which is the most widely used green building rating system in the world by opening their 16,000 square metre self-sustainable factory worth BND$17 million located in Serasa by June this year while contributing back to Brunei’s economy and environment.

Inspired by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s titah calling for a 63 per cent reduction in total energy consumption and a reduction in fossil fuel demand for inland energy use by 2035, RAB has opted to focus on reusable energy, such as solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

With the completion of the factory expected in June this year, they will be setting an example of how they envision helping Brunei’s economy and environment. The factory will be powered by their solar panels and a rainwater storage and reuse system will be installed for their water supply, which would further encourage energy savings.

“It is about time we contribute back to Brunei for all that the country has done for us citizens,” explained Ak Dani Halim Pg Abu Bakar, RAB’s Director, on the reason behind working towards contributing to the sultanate’s Wawasan 2035.

Apart from energy efficiency, the factory will also be playing a part in the Wawasan 2035’s infrastructure development strategy by developing and maintaining a world-class infrastructure.

Insha’Allah, if we manage to earn the platinum award from LEED, we would be the first in Southeast Asia to get such an achievement,” said Ak Dani Halim on the completion of the factory.

The intricately-designed factory is adhering to prerequisites set by LEED as a foundation to earn points that would entitle the self-sustaining factory to earn a platinum award certification rating of more than 80 points. The factory aims to be a healthy, productive and less stressful place to work and learn, with encouraging energy and resource efficiency to earn said points.

The factory will be manufacturing mostly eco-friendly fire extinguishers for export to other countries and for retail in the country. The unique selling point of these fire extinguishers are that it is non-toxic, environmentally safe and is not harmful to humans even when the solution is ingested.

These fire extinguishers cans are also designable as mentioned by the RAB Director, “we are proposing to Lamborghini to develop a fire extinguisher that is designed for the car company. We are sourcing the materials now such as the carbon fibre holder in China but it will be manufactured here in Brunei”.

The product line of the factory would also include RAB’s own specialised solar products, which falls into two distinct categories; household and office products such as table lamps, photo frames and building materials such as tiles, roofing and sheets for a building’s exterior.

The company also offers to do coating to any solar panels as a means to upgrade and improve its generation of electricity. The company is also able to cut, shape and colour print any design to the solar panels using its patented technology.

RAB’s future plan other than exporting their products is to provide solar panels to advertisement billboards and bus stands in the country. Ak Dani Halim explained: “We want to use solar power to these places to cut costs. We would not need a budget for product resource because it would be self-sustainable so we would just need a budget to provide for our maintenance services, which would be far more cost efficient.”

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